We started selling materials.

We started selling materials that we had received many inquiries!

Flagellariaceae 4mm Width 1mm Thickness Natural Color 80g
Flagellariaceae 4mm Width 1mm Thick Black Color 80g

Flagellariaceae Drawing 1mm Thickness Natural Color 80g  It is all back-up type.
It becomes a pure domestic product. It changes over time, supple, light, and strong, and there is a feature that luster comes out as it uses it.
Please enjoy this opportunity because it is a valuable thing that is hard to obtain in others!


As well as waiting!!

Thank you for waiting very long! !Finally, the Musashino main store opened!The shop will be a collection of the best of artists from all over Japan, as well as Le Corgay’s basket bags.

Business hours from 11:00 to 18:00

Regular holiday Sunday

Please feel free to drop in as the signboard is open outside the above hours.May you find your favorite that you did not know until yesterday

Le koogeis 1st Anniversary Party

The other day, we held a party for the 1st anniversary of Lekoogei

at the Musashino Main Store!Thank you for visiting our many customers.Barbecues, horoscopes, songs, photo event events are also popular and sharing fun times with everyoneIt was time for this late inner bliss.Lekoogei t up by everyone. We held such an event from now onPlease join us so we will do it.

News of each Takashimaya store POPUP SHOP

Starting from Nagoya, Yokohama, Nihonbashi, Kyoto and 4 stores have a limited time shop.

I would like to introduce some of the voices from customers here.

・ I saw it at the Busena Terrace in Okinawa (a hotel that handles our bags) and met the same excitement and Takashimaya!

・ I was looking for a basket bag that I can not forget if I look like this once!

・ I purchased last year and wanted one more point, I was looking for and finally found it!

・ I have never been to Okinawa, but I would like to go to Okinawa with this bag!

This is only a part of it, but I am very happy to hear from each store that I was moved and finally met.

In addition, we will work together as we can meet everyone in various places! !

In addition, please contact us by all means as the head office is always available.