Workshop announcement at Matsuzakaya Ueno store

Matsuzakaya Ueno Main Building 6F

We will hold a workshop to make bread baskets using geese native to Okinawa!

While imagining a little scene that appears in everyday life and hospitality to someone,
Why do not you make your own specials?

You can choose either type you like.

If you are interested, please apply as soon as possible because it is limited to 8 people ♪

Click here for detailed content and application ↓

“NIPPON’s technology @ New Year’s artisan exhibition”

January 2-6, 2020 at Keio Shinjuku 7F, Large Exhibition Hall

It is news of “NIPPON’s technology @ New Year’s artisan exhibition” exhibition!

During the period, we also hold a workshop on charms made with KUJI at the same time ♪

Come at the time of the first visit, first time sale.

Ginsha’s 30th Anniversary Fair!

I participated in Ginsha’s 30th Anniversary Fair!

A nice tableware shop in Naha, Okinawa. The shop is filled with wonderful things like a story ☆

Thankfully, Pannier also received an additional delivery due to the popularity!

Even if the fair is over, a nice shop is still open so please check it out if you go nearby ♪

Address: Okinawa Prefecture Naha City Kume 1-25-12

Business hours: From 10:00 to 19:00


Tokyo Living Festival 2019




Tokyo Living Festival 2019 has been successfully completed!The display space in the venue was also decorated.This year we announced the Le Koogei Fall / Winter collection and the sale of materials.It was a very well received and we had a great deal of discussion with many people to learn about Le Koogei.Thank you to all the navigators from the Small and Medium Business Promotion Agency!

Tokyo living Festival 2019News of exhibition

We will be exhibiting this year at the Tokyo Living Festival, which was also exhibited last year!

This time, we plan to introduce the details of the Coogee materials and the workshop.

We started selling materials.

We started selling materials that we had received many inquiries!

Flagellariaceae 4mm Width 1mm Thickness Natural Color 80g
Flagellariaceae 4mm Width 1mm Thick Black Color 80g

Flagellariaceae Drawing 1mm Thickness Natural Color 80g  It is all back-up type.
It becomes a pure domestic product. It changes over time, supple, light, and strong, and there is a feature that luster comes out as it uses it.
Please enjoy this opportunity because it is a valuable thing that is hard to obtain in others!


As well as waiting!!

Thank you for waiting very long! !Finally, the Musashino main store opened!The shop will be a collection of the best of artists from all over Japan, as well as Le Corgay’s basket bags.

Business hours from 11:00 to 18:00

Regular holiday Sunday

Please feel free to drop in as the signboard is open outside the above hours.May you find your favorite that you did not know until yesterday