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Ryukyu glass ornaments / MINSA Hanaori

The basket bag is decorated with ornamental Ryukyu glass on the front and “Hanaori Minsa” cloth cover. The Domon-ware made by Ryukyu glass craftsman Seiitiro Inamine is impressive with a unique pattern created by dissolving coral clay into glass.

 The glass born from the studio “Shizuku”, managed by Naoki and Takae Kaneshi, a married couple, both of whom are Ryukyu glass artisans, lets us indulge in the world of contemporary art.

And,the Hanaori Minsa,having three-dimensional feel,is hand weaved by Mineya Studio in Ishigaki City,inheriting the craftsmanship from the traditional Hanaori weave,which was actively woven in Okinawa as a protective cloth for safe travels. For the weave pattern,5,4patterns of square motif are applied with a wish for everlasting love and peace.


LE KOOGEI Product Details

Inside the bag is functionally designed with multi-purpose pockets: 2 open pockets, one pen holder and a pocket with a fastener.

The pull piece attached to the fastener is a “Sangguwa” charm piece, which is popular amulet in Okinawa, and the charm piece can be removed and replaced wherever you like.

This Basket Bag for woman has a detachable leather handle, so it can be used as a great interior basket without the handle.

Original pin is attached to fix the “Hanaori Minsa” cloth cover to the bag.The cloth cover may be detached and could be perfectly placed as a center cloth on tables.


It includes an outer cover which is an Azuma style bag (evolved from Japanese furoshiki wrapping tradition), so the basket is protected when taking outdoors.