Kago Bag Material

LE KOOGEI Kago Bag Material

“A resource Japan can boast to the world.”

The material used for Kago Bag from LE KOOGEI is a vine called Flagellaria Indica or simply Whip Vine, which is native to Okinawa Islands.

It extends long and strong vines and grows by entangling with surrounding plants.
This material features strong and springy characteristics, and it becomes more and more familiar after use. The color will also change from light green to tan over the years and the surface will begin to gloss. Depending on the island, the name for this plant varies. People from Ishigaki Island calls it Coogee, Iriomoteshima Island folks call it Kuuchi and Okinawa’s main island calls it Tou. The material is used in many areas of daily life as a durable binding material and in Kudakashima Island, Miko (goddess) wears the stem and leaves on her head when performing rituals. Le KOOGEI took a notice of this material and transformed it into a fashionable bag.