LE KOOGEI’S Division

Mayumi Takano was born in Osaka, Japan. As a young woman, she enrolled at the ESMOD Paris, the
world’s first andoldest fashion design school, founded in 1841.
Her outstanding talent was soon recognized, leading her to become Image Director of Fashion Collections in
Paris for more than a decade. There, she worked with Yuki Torii, one of the most famous Japanese fashion
designers in the French capital, who paired with Japanese design contemporaries of the stature of Kenzo
Takada, Issey Miyake, and Kansai Yamamoto.
In 1999, Mayumi set out on her own, establishing her personal brands MYUAI and MAYUMA, specializing
in fashion handbags and ladies’ purses, respectively.In June 2012, she founded GiL International Co.,
Ltd., thus expanding in the Japanese market through OEM and ODM activities.
In April 2017, Mayumi started her new private brand, MAISON MAYUMI, for further business development
in the domestic and foreign markets. The LE KOOGEI, her new top-value fashion flagship line,
incorporating traditional
Okinawa art and craftsmanship, will be officially introduced at Paris PREMIÈRE CLASSE in September of
this year.